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ProjectsCovenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place
18 and 19 February 2020

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REScoop MECISE is a Horizon 2020 PDA project that aims to mobilise citizens and municipalities in the transition to a more sustainable and decentralised energy system. With support from the EASME, a consortium of established energy cooperatives developed projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency. We also set-up a financial facilitation service for energy communities and foster collaborations between energy cooperatives and local municipalities.

The projects developed through REScoop MECISE go beyond “business-as-usual”. We do projects that private investors find not interesting either because of their complexity or because of their limited profitability. Community-owned energy projects can bring considerable benefits to the local community: they trigger new sustainable energy measures, motivate citizens to get involved in the energy transition, create local jobs and generate stable returns for the community’s investors.

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