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ProjectsCovenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place
18 and 19 February 2020

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NOVICE delivers a new business model for ESCOs that takes advantage of revenues from both energy efficiency and demand response flexibility in a single, integrated service. Many assets that are commonly installed or upgraded during energy efficiency retrofit projects (such as HVAC systems, CHP and RES installations, BEMS and heat pumps) can also be used to provide flexibility services to the electricity grid. This increases the value that upgraded energy assets can deliver to the building owner and improves the ROI of energy efficiency renovation projects.

The enhanced Energy Performance Contract (EPC) developed by the NOVICE project team will guarantee building owners a minimum level of energy savings and occupant comfort whilst ensuring that the maximum value can be extracted from the flexibility potential of on-site energy assets. To sit alongside this enhanced EPC, the NOVICE project has also developed an MoU that governs the relationship between ESCO and Aggregator and allows the two parties to work together seamlessly to provide a holistic package of energy services to building owners, thus enhancing the business case for renovation projects and driving up renovation rates across Europe.

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