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18 and 19 February 2020

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CIMAC (Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alentejo Central) undertook an ambitious initiative to address the quality, sustainability and economics of the aging public street lighting infrastructure across 14 municipalities in the Central Alentejo region, including the world heritage site - Evora. The teams developed a vision for high quality illumination for its 170,000 Central Alentejo inhabitants.  CIMAC worked rigorously to define key parameters through conversations with local partners, energy, tourism and citizenship sectors. The motto was to ensure illumination that is aesthetically apt and that reduces the energy consumption of over 56,000 lighting points.

Studies carried out by CIMAC and meetings with theme specialists, provided a solution with technological, environmental and economic balance. With support from the European Energy Efficiency Fund and by choosing an ESCo model, CIMAC is financing over € 12million public lighting infrastructure and lowering its annual lighting budgets. This lighthouse initiative doesn't require CIMAC to invest even a penny despite all the benefits!

By April 2020, all upgrades to the public lighting infrastructure are expected to be completed. The newly installed 56,000 street lights are expected to reduce light pollution, lower equivalent CO2 emission by over 6,000tnCO2 /year and cut primary energy consumption by 70% /year, compared to the baseline.

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